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ARTHÉOS possède une expérience de 25 ans dans l’éclairage. Nos compétences nous permettent d’exceller dans le lighting design pour le retail, également sur d’importants projets architecturaux d’éclairage intérieur ou extérieur.

ARTHEOS propose des solutions complètes, depuis la création du concept jusqu’à sa complète exécution, créant ainsi une identité propre à chaque client.

Notre expertise dans l’utilisation des dernières innovations en matière de LED garantit que nos projets réduiront la consommation d’énergie et maximiseront les revenus.

La perception des produits ainsi que de l’espace de vente et l’image de marque seront considérablement améliorés par la qualité de l’aménagement lumineux, amplifiant ainsi le désir d’acheter



Improvement product

International management


Audit and assessment

Our audit capacity allows us to consider merchandising, architecture and project constraints and the specific demands of our customers. Our findings help to draw guidelines for the lighting design and specifications of the selected fixtures.

Lighting design

Our research department is able to create lighting concepts and ensure their duplication abroad.

Our expertise guarantees a highlighting for rendering high-quality lighting and unique.

The use upstream of lighting simulation software such as 3ds Max or DIALUX is a valuable source of decision support for our customers. They allow you to verify and optimize the implementation of lighting to reduce power consumption and initial investment.

Our technology watch and measurement tools guarantee optimal use of LED, ever more efficient and more qualitative in terms of CRI (color rendering).

With all these elements, we offer the opportunity to our customers to reduce their energy costs, have a clear vision of the lighting concept and operating costs associated with its implementation.

Customized Supply

We select from our network of global manufacturers, the best products to meet budget and design but also on the cutting edge of technology (LED). Also, we consider the constraints of standards related to different geographical areas. Our factories are ISO compliant and SEDEX (

In some cases, we can create customized luminaires to fully meet the specification. This special design helps strengthen the identity of the brand against competition, thereby creating a true demarcation.

International deployment

As part of your international development, Artheos assist you in deploying your lighting concept.

Through our mastery of the supply chain, we ensure a uniform illumination rendering globally.

Our global presence allows us to understand the constraints and adapt our offer according to the country to facilitate the duplication of the lighting concept.


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We believe that the local service is needed to understand the cultural peculiarities of the countries where we deliver. We remain convinced that customer satisfaction is achieved through ongoing liaison with a person on the site, with the same nationality and the same culture.

For more responsiveness and facilitated communication, our international customers are accompanied by our local agencies.

They are located in cities with strong economic influence, Moscow, Shanghai, Hong Kong and soon New York, Dubai.

They provide customer care and manage administrative formalities: customs, local standards, currency, bills, …

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